Transport companies’ risk rating

The overall risk rating of a transport undertaking shall be calculated using the following common formula [1]:


R the undertaking's overall risk rating
n number of infringements of a given type per individual check (all types of controls).
i individual check
v weighted score according to type/seriousness of infringement (MI/SI/VSI/MSI)
MSI most serious infringement
VSI very serious infringement
SI serious infringement
MI minor infringement
N number of vehicles controlled during an individual check
r total number of checks on the undertaking
g weighting for the use of the smart tachograph pursuant to Chapter II of Regulation (EU) No 165/2014


The following principles and elements shall be used when applying the common formula:

  • The period of time during which an infringement is counted in the formula shall be two years.
  • Transport operators shall be classified into the following risk bands based on their score:
    • operators on which no checks were performed (grey band)
    • 0-100 points: low-risk operators (green band)
    • 101-200 points: medium-risk operators (amber band)
    • 201 points or more: high risk operators (red band)
  • The weighted score of an individual check ('i') shall be calculated by applying the following weighting factors ('v') according to the type of infringement:
    • Minor infringement (MI) = 1
    • Serious infringement (SI) = 10
    • Very serious infringement (VSI) = 30
    • Most serious infringements (MSI) = 90
  • An undertakings' final risk rating shall take into account the total number of checks carried out ('r'), both at the roadside and at its premises, including those checks where no infringements were detected.
  • Checks where no infringements are detected (clean checks) shall be recorded with zero points.
  • The weighted score of an individual check shall take into account all the vehicles checked ('N').
  • The date of infringement that is taken into account in the common formula is deemed the date on which the infringement has become definitive, i.e. no longer subject to review. Infringements shall be counted only once in the formula.

If a check at a transport undertaking's premises establishes that its whole fleet is equipped with the smart tachograph pursuant to Chapter II of Regulation (EU) No 165/2014, its final score shall be multiplied by a factor of 0.9 ('g').